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TVET Capacity Building


  1. Better Education for Africa’s Rise

  2. Business Incubator in Kenya

  3. CAP-BEST Program Model in Kenya

  4. Centers of Excellence for Vocational Training Phase II

  5. Circular Economy through Waste Management and Employment

  6. Enhancing the capacity of Kenya School of Agriculture for improved practical and labor market oriented agricultural TVET education

  7. Generation

  8. Inclusive Growth through decent work in the Great Rift Valley

  9. Kenya Education for Employment Program

  10. Kenya Youth Employment and Skills Program

  11. Professional and Scientific Training for the Development of Cultural Tourism

  12. Skills for Prosperity (S4P)

  13. Strengthening the capacities of TVETA for enhancing the performance of the TVET education system in Kenya

  14. Technical Vocational Education Training Phase II

  15. The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)

  16. Young Africa Works – Kenya

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