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Embassy of the Kingdom of Netherlands

Development Organization

Kenya School of Agriculture

Implementing Partner

1 January 2017 to 31 December 2020

Project Timeline


Project Budget


  • Q-Point B.V
  • MICAS Limited


Brenda Odallo

Senior Officer, Economic Affairs

Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands

Keystone Park, Block B, 95 Riverside Drive

P.O. Box 41537 00100 Nairobi, Kenya

T    +254 20 4288 242

M +254 726 079 946

E    brenda.odallo@minbuza.nl

Enhancing the capacity of Kenya School of Agriculture for improved practical and labor market oriented agricultural TVET education

This project will complement the government’s initiative by building the capacity of the Kenya School of Agriculture (KSA): “Enhancing the Capacity of Kenya School of Agriculture for improved practical and labour market oriented agricultural TVET education”. With enhanced capacity, KSA will be able to offer quality training and produce competent and skilled graduates that will contribute to enhanced agricultural production as desired by the Kenyan government.


  • KSA seeks to produce graduates with practical skills to become employers, entrepreneurs or employees in the agricultural sector. KSA expects the project to assist in building its capacity to execute its expanded mandate and attain its vision of becoming a leading and well-known agricultural school in Kenya, with the organisational and educational capacities to function as a learning organisation and to produce competent graduates and agribusiness entrepreneurs, both men and women, with practical and labour market oriented skills.


  • Nyeri

Key Focus Areas

  • TVET capacity building


  • Food Security
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