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Project Name

Supporting Innovation in the Technical and Vocational Education Sector (SITVES): Towards Productivity and Competitiveness

Brief Project description

SITVES is a competitive innovation fund supported by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC).

It fosters innovation in Kenya’s TVET ecosystem by positioning TVET to contribute equitably to the socio-economic transformation of counties and Kenya’s development agenda through innovation and research with a focus on women and girls.

The project has 3 pillars: Innovation and Applied Research Hubs; Gender Equality in TVET; and Action Research.

SITVES is building the capacity of 4 TVET institutions to develop an effective and sustainable innovation system that links TVET institutions to businesses and their communities aligned with the Big Four Agenda (Manufacturing, Affordable Housing, Universal Health Coverage & Food Security) of the Government of Kenya.

SITVES is building and enhancing the capacity of TVET Institutions by providing 3 gender- focused activity, project or research grants in finding the most effective ways of addressing gender barriers to access, increasing women’s utilization of TVET and enhancing gender equality in the TVET system.

It will also provide 3 action research grants to understand and address local challenges related to the relevance of training to labour markets, improving productivity and efficiency, enhancing entrepreneurship, understanding how these affect men and women differently and generally contributing to contextualized solutions.


Implementing Partners

  • Supported by Canada’s International Development Research Centre (IDRC), the project is implemented by Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan) in partnership with Linking Industry with Academia (LIWA) and the Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI).
List counties in which interventions are implemented

• Innovation and Applied Research Hubs
• Gender Equality in TVET
• Action Research

List counties in which interventions are implemented

• Taita-Taveta
• Mombasa
• Nyandarua
• Eldoret
• Nyamira
• Nandi
• Nyeri
• Nairobi

Sectors you work in

Sectors you work in (e.g., oil & Gas; housing; agriculture) • Support applied research initiatives at public TVET institutions to foster linkages with industry, aligned with the sectors in the Government of Kenya’s Big Four Agenda.
• Integrate gender considerations to explore how activities will impact both men and women.
• Incubate/accelerate student projects by potentially allocating funds to promising student-led initiatives.
• Actively develop links with other TVET centres, business and local community, women-led organizations, academia and industry to support innovation in counties across Kenya.
• Identify role models and support the development of gender policies for TVET institutions;
• Develop gender-sensitive and industry-responsive TVET programs, design appropriate career guidance tools that support gender equality;
• Document case studies to analyze success stories and develop gender mainstreaming guidelines;
• Reduce gender barriers in TVET and support gender transformative change in the Kenyan TVET system.
• Link to and support the applied research hubs being developed through Pillar 1;
• Strengthen awareness by stakeholders of labour market trends, productivity and efficiency, new business models, workplace innovation, and entrepreneurship with the intent that solution-driven research will link to changes in policies and practices in the TVET ecosystem; and
• Address gender aspects so that practical solutions end up equitably benefitting both women and men.


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