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Inclusive Economic Growth through Decent Work in the Great Rift Valley

Background Information

Poverty reduction and improved living conditions through decent work and rights-based services among the rural population in the Great Rift Valley, focusing on women and youth.

Implementing Partners

  • Generation Kenya (You Employed Inc. and Career Readiness Social Initiative Limited)

The Counties of Focus

• Access to Finance (including scholarships, grants)
• Apprenticeship and Internship
• Curriculum Development/reforms
• Entrepreneurship
• Equipment and infrastructure
• Life employability skills
• Lifelong learning
• Private Sector engagement/ linkages with industry
• Student Support services (e.g., career counselling)
• Teacher Training (includes continuous professional development or Youth Instructor Training)
• Youth Technical Skills Training



• Automotive and Mechanics
• Electrical and Electronics
• Fashion and Design
• Hospitality and Tourism
• Mechanical and electrical engineering
• Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs)
• Textiles; clothing; leather; footwear


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