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Project Name

Wings to Fly Promotion of Youth Employment (Phases III to V)

Brief Project description

‘Wings to Fly’ – an Equity Group Foundation program, co-financed by the German Government through KfW, provides scholarships and mentorship to academically promising students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Since late 2012 KfW a total amount so far committed by the German Government amounts to 25.2 million grant money.
The initial phases focused on stipends for secondary education whilst in phase III stipends for TVET education have been introduced via KfW.
The Project will enhance access and strengthening the TVET career paths especially in the agricultural sector for “Wings to Fly” scholars and graduates and other needy individuals, in particular females, and enhancing their employability.
These objectives shall be achieved through the provision of financial support (scholarships) for TVET education, empowerment tools, career counselling and guidance to as well as start-up support for entrepreneurship and self-employment after receiving training.

Implementing Partners

Ministry of Education together with Equity Group Foundation

List counties in which interventions are implemented

Scholarships for secondary education and TVET education

List counties in which interventions are implemented countrywide


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