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Project Name

Better Utilization of Skills for Youth through Quality Apprenticeships

Brief Project description

The BUSY project’s immediate objective is to improve the capacity of government, employers’, workers’ and civil society organizations to establish and expand workplace-based training programs for vulnerable and marginalized youth ages 16-24. With a particular focus on adolescents 16-21 years old, at or above the legal working age, who are engaged in or at risk of engaging in hazardous work

Implementing Partners

• MOL, MOE, NITA, TVETA, COTU, FKE, MSEA, Counties(Kilifi, Kitui & Busia)

List counties in which interventions are implemented
  • Laws or policies supporting quality workplace-based training opportunities for youth in Kenya, including vulnerable and marginalized youth, are improved and / or implemented by key stakeholders;
  • Kenyan government, employers’ and workers’ organizations, and other stakeholders implement best practices related to workplace-based training for youth, including the most vulnerable and marginalized; and,

The quality of existing public and private programs in Kenya that provide vulnerable and marginalized youth with prerequisite skills to enter workplace-based training programs is improved

List counties in which interventions are implemented • Kenya


Sectors you work in (e.g. oil & Gas; housing; agriculture)

• General Skills Development for all applicable skills sectors

• Project aligned to UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Kenya Vision 2030 and Big4 Agenda
• Gender Equity and Social Inclusion themes mainstreamed in project implementation as instituted by ILO


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