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About us in Brief

Technical Working Group (TWG) on TVET and Youth Employment

In support of the JSSWG, the technical working group (TWG) on TVET and Youth Employment is intended to ensure partners support the sub-sector in a coordinated manner to inform and implement JSSWG actions.

The main objective of the TVET and Youth Employment TWG is to facilitate information sharing about programs that advance TVET and youth employment, research, best practices, and develop common position, based on technical expertise, to advocate around policy, programs and investments in support of TVET reform and Youth Employment in Kenya.


The TWG will work to ensure an effective, efficient, well-coordinated and prosperous TVET sector in Kenya and support national TVET reforms as envisioned in the TVET Act of 2013.  In doing so, both the GoK and development partners will work together to achieve their short, medium and long-term goals within the sector.

Thematic areas


Development Partners

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