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Digitalization for TVET (D4T)

Background Information

At the request of the Kenyan authorities, AFD and KFW in partnership with the European Union on a delegation of funds to be confirmed – wish to approve financing aimed at the digital transition of the technical and vocational training sector, in order to ” widen access and strengthen the quality and relevance of the courses offered, with regard to the needs of the job market”.
Specific Objectives:
• To improve the connectivity of establishments and their digital equipment;
• To support the development of digital educational uses (face-to-face / distance) with high added value in sectors to be determined;
• To develop the digital skills of students and trainers at TVET institutions, from basic to advanced according to the needs of the targeted sectors.

Implementing Partners

  • State Department of TVET

The Counties of Focus

  • Thematic areas of focus (e.g. TVET Capacity Building, Policy Development, Youth Technical Skills training)
    Main outcomes of the project should be observed across the full pyramid of digitization needs in TVET:
    • Connectivity: Increased bandwidth in a number of participating institutions, decreased rate of internet failures and IT outages
    • ICT equipment: Decreased students per computer ratio overall
    • Content / Use: Increased hours spent on:
    o Foundational ICT classes, for all TVET students
    o E-learning, for all or a targeted subset / major of TVET students
    o Certificates: Increased number of partner certifications obtained by the TVET graduates in ICT major with a focus on networking
  • Education
  • Health
  • Creative and Cultural Industries
  • Energy
  • Water and Sanitation
  • Urban Development
  • Biodiversity…
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