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Development Partner
Quick Facts

4,396,828 Total population 

(male – 2,192,452  female – 2,204,376)

Tourism; Commerce and industry; Jua Kali; Professional business services; Agriculture; Manufacturing.

(male 896,124  :  female 988,531)

Development Organization activities
  1. Agriculture Sector Development Support Program (ASDSP)
  2. Akira Chix
  3. Better Education for Africa’s Rise (BEAR)
  4. Business Incubator in Kenya
  5. Center for Entrepreneurship
  6. Centers for Excellence for Vocational Training
  7. Civil Society Urban Development
  8. Conflict prevention, peace and economic opportunities for youth in Kenya
  9. Cooperative Training for Youth Employment Phase I
  10. E4D Employment for Sustainable Development in Africa
  11. East Africa Skills for Transformation and Regional Integration Project (EASTRIP)
  12. Employment promotion in electric engineering industry
  13. Generation
  14. Generation Kenya
  15. Higher Education Credit Line
  16. Human Resource Development for Industrial Development
  17. Kenya Education for Employment Program (KEFEP)
  18. Kenya Italy Debt for Development Programme (KIDDP)
  19. Kenya Youth Employment and Opportunities Program (KYEOP)
  20. Kenya Youth Employment and Skills (K-YES) program
  21. Make-IT in Africa
  22. Professional and Scientific Training for the Development of Cultural Tourism
  23. Strengthening sustainable social enterprise, which provides training, employment and support to labor integration of young people
  24. Technical Vocational Education and Training Phase II
  25. The Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP)
  26. Wings to Fly Phase III & IV
  27. Young Africa Works – Kenya
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