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Kenya Education for Employment Program (KEFEP)

Background Information

KEFEP is an initiative focused on strengthening and supporting Technical and Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in Kenya. KEFEP is designed to support the Ministry of Education (MoE) – Directorate of Technical Education to strengthen the quality of industry-responsive and gender-sensitive skills training programs; to increase effectiveness of institutions to deliver skills training programs that meet industry needs; and to increase effectiveness of national Kenyan TVET agencies to implement TVET reform initiatives.

In partnership with the Ministry of Education and in collaboration with key industry representatives, KEFEP developed institutional partnerships between Kenyan TVET institutions and agencies; and with Canadian colleges and institutes to works with 10 national polytechnics across Kenya to develop new or enhanced Competency-Based Education and Training (CBET) programs in the Agriculture, Engineering, Building and Construction, Hospitality and Tourism Management and Energy sectors in order to increase employment and economic development opportunities for Kenyan youth.

Ultimately, KEFEP is expected to create a supply of skilled workers to respond to the needs of in-demand sectors in Kenya and to ensure that graduates benefit from related economic opportunities either as employees or entrepreneurs.

Project Target:

  • 1,200 youth
  • 200 trainers
  • 100 leaders and managers
  • 5 Institutional partnerships
  • 3 Thematic partnerships 


  • Development of CBET curriculum
  • Linking of TVET with Industry
  • Developing institutional leadership and management programs for TVET institutions
  • Development of TVET marketing materials and career guidance
  • CBET Capacity building for Ministry of Education Partners
  • Delivering equipment for CBET training at Kenya National Polytechnics
  • Capacity building of TVET trainers on CBET pedagogy
  • Promoting awareness on gender inclusion in TVET and greening of TVET

Implementing Partners

  • Implementing Partner:  Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)


    • Kenyan Ministry of Education, State Department for Vocational and Technical Training.
    • TVET Curriculum Development Assessment and Certificate Council (TVET-CDACC)
    • TVET Authority (TVETA)
    • Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA)
    • Rift Valley Technical Training Institute (RVTTI)
    • Kenya National Qualification Authority (KNQA)

    Collaborating TVET Institutions: 

    National Polytechnics:

    ▪          The Eldoret National Polytechnic

    ▪          The Kitale National Polytechnic

    ▪          The Kisumu National Polytechnic

    ▪          The Sigalagala National Polytechnic

    ▪          Kisii National Polytechnic

    ▪          The Nyeri National Polytechnic

    ▪          The Meru National Polytechnic

    ▪          The Kabete National Polytechnic

    ▪          North Eastern National Polytechnic

    ▪          Kenya Coast National Polytechnic

    TVET Agencies:

    • Kenya Association of Technical Training Institutions (KATTI)
    • Kenya Technical Trainers College (KTTC)
    • Kenya Universities and Colleges Central Placement Service (KUCCPS)

    Private Sector

    • Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)
    • Kenya National Chamber of Commerce and Industry (KNCCI)
    • Linking Industry With Academia (LIWA)

The Counties of Focus

● TVET Curriculum Reform
● TVET Infrastructure Building
● TVET Capacity Building
● Employment
● Life/Employability Skills
● Labor Market Information Systems
● Private Sector Engagement
● Apprenticeship/Internship
● Youth Instructor Training (TOTs)
● Youth Technical Skills Training

● Renewable energy
● Agriculture
● Mechanical Engineering
● Automotive Technology
● Building and Construction
● Hospitality and Tourism Management

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