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Department for International Development (DFID) UK

Development Organization

  • State Department for Vocational and Technical Training, MoE
  • State Department for University Education and Research, MoE

  • Commission for University Education, MoE 

  • Implementing Partner
  • 1 January 2020 to 31 December 2023
  • Project Timeline
  • GBP 5,000,000
  • Project Budget
  • 8000
  • Women, low-income youth and people with disabilities
  • Project target
  • Contact:
  • Michael Musyoki
  • Program Manager
  • E: michael.musyoki@fco.gov.uk

Skills for Prosperity (S4P)

The programme aims to provide technical assistance, which draws on UK expertise to improve the quality, relevance, equity and cost-effectiveness of technical and vocational education training (TVET) and Higher Education in Kenya. The three interventions proposed will focus on strengthening the Industry –Education links at institutional levels, capacity building Higher Education and TVET institutions and their support agencies and improving access to Higher Education and TVET education for youth.

Expected Outcome:

  • Increased capacity for inclusive economic growth in Kenya due to more productive and equitable skills, sectors improving employability, employment opportunities and the earning potential of beneficiaries.


  • Kenya

Key Focus Areas: 

  • Capacity building

  • Policy development

  • Private sector engagement

  • TVET reforms (CBET)

  • Youth technical skills training


  • Agriculture and Agro-processing

  • Automotive technology

  • Building and construction

  • Hospitality and Tourism

  • Maritime 

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