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Food and Agriculture Organization

Development Organization

Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Fisheries;  Ministry of Public Service, Youth and Gender Affairs, and Ministry of Labor and Social Protection, Ministry of Devolution and Planning 

Implementing Partner

1 January 2017 to 31 May 2019

Project Timeline


Project Budget

4000 Youth and youth groups

Project target


Joy Mulema

Programme Coordinator

E: Joy.Mulema@fao.org

Thomas Obiero Were

Agribusiness Officer, Youth Program

E: Thomas.Were@fao.org

Judy Maina

Youth Programme Officer

E: Judy.Maina@fao.org

Rural youth migration, social protection and sustainable value chain development in Kenya

The Project aims both at building the capacity of poor and vulnerable youth, including cash transfers beneficiaries, to engage in productive activities along agro-food value chains; and at supporting youth entrepreneurs to scale up their businesses along selected value chains.

The Project has a special focus on Kiambu County, a peri-urban area of the capital, Nairobi. This county has a vibrant agriculture sector which provides employment for the majority of the population. Coffee, tea and pineapples are the main cash crops while maize, beans, and Irish potatoes are the main food crops.

There is a large potential for agricultural products and value chains, due to the proximity of the capital.


  • Raising awareness and enhancing understanding on the linkages between migration, social protection and rural development

  • Strengthening the policy and institutional environment

  • Fostering the employability of youth creating opportunities for employment and entrepreneurship development in local value chains.


  • Kiambu

Key Focus Areas: 

  • Employment

  • Policy Development

  • Private Sector Engagement

  • Youth Technical Skills Training

  • Access to Finance & Entrepreneurship


  • Agriculture

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