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Kenya Education for Employment Program (KEFEP)

Background Information

Drawing on CICan members’ expertise and experience, KEFEP will develop institutional partnerships between Kenyan TVET institutions and agencies and Canadian colleges and institutes to:

• Improve the quality and relevance of skills training programs at Kenyan TVET institutions
• Increase the effectiveness of Kenyan TVET institutions in delivering accessible and gender-responsive skills training programs that meet industry needs
• Increase the effectiveness of Kenyan agencies in implementing TVET reform
• Increase economic opportunities for male and female graduates from TVET institutions in Kenya.
These efforts—aligned closely with Kenya’s TVET Act and TVET reform strategy—will create a supply of skilled workers to respond to the needs of in-demand sectors in Kenya and to ensure that graduates benefit from related economic opportunities either as employees or as entrepreneurs.

Implementing Partners

• Colleges and Institutes Canada (CICan)
• Kenyan Ministry of Education
• TVET Agencies including TVETA, TVET-CDACC and KNQA
• Private sector

The Counties of Focus


  • Assessment
  • Apprenticeship and Internship
  • Curriculum Development/reforms
  • Digitalization and ICT (includes ODeL)
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Equipment and infrastructure
  • Governance and Management strengthening (including training of institutional managers/Councils/Boards of Governors)
  • Labour Market Information Systems
  • Life employability skills
  • Policy Development /review
  • Qualification(s) frameworks
  • Research /publications/conferences
  • Private Sector engagement/ linkages with industry
  • Student Support services (e.g., career counselling)
  • Teacher Training (includes continuous professional development or Youth Instructor Training)
  • Youth Technical Skills Training



• Agriculture
• Automotive and Mechanics
• Building and Construction
• Electrical and Electronics
• Food and beverage
• Hospitality and Tourism
• Manufacturing
• Metalwork/fabrication
• Mechanical and electrical engineering


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