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Learning through Education and Access to Skills for Employment project-LEAP

Background Information

Ultimate Outcome: Increased empowerment of adolescent girls and young women in Kalobeyei Settlement, Kakuma Refugee Camp, and surrounding host communities in Kenya
Intermediate Outcomes
1. Improved learning outcomes for adolescent girls and young women at upper primary and secondary, in Kalobeyei and surrounding host communities
2. Increased equitable participation of young women in the formal and informal workforce, particularly in high-growth and profitable sectors
Immediate Outcomes
1. Increased access to safe, quality, gender-responsive learning opportunities for upper primary and secondary adolescent girls and young women in Kalobeyei settlement and surrounding host communities
2. Increased ability of school communities, families, and leaders, especially men, and boys, to actively support and address barriers to adolescents’ and young women’s education
3. Improved attitudes among family and community members toward adolescent girls and young women’s decision-making about employment pathways
4. Increased participation of young women in gender-responsive, market-based skills training opportunities
Key Strategies
Strategies under IO1
1. Cash transfers
2. Teacher training
3. Guidance and Counselling
4. Life skills
5. Gender-transformative school environments through the power girls approach
Strategies under IO 2
1. Digital skills training
2. Vocational skills training
3. TVET scholarships
4. Multimedia Community engagement

Implementing Partners

● Finn Church Aid (FCA)
● Africa’s Voices Foundation(AVF)
● Danish Refugee Council(DRC)l
● Solidarity Initiative for Refugees SIR -(RLO)
● Gold smith Associates (CGA)
● National Industrial Training Authority (NITA)

The Counties of Focus

• Youth Technical Skills Training
• Student Support services (e.g., career counselling)
• Life employability skills
• Teacher Training (includes continuous professional development or Youth Instructor Training)
• Entrepreneurship
• Apprenticeship and Internship
• Access to Finance (including scholarships, grants)

• Information and Communication Technology (ICT)/ Digitial economy
• Food and beverage
• Electrical and Electronics
• Beauty and Personal Care
• Agriculture

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