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Swedish International Development Agency

Development Organization

Generation: You Employed Inc. and Career Readiness Social Initiative Limited.

Implementing Partner

1 January 2019 to 30 June 2024

Project Timeline


Total Project Budget


Swedish contribution

Primary and Secondary School graduates

Project target



  • Private sector

  • National Government

  • County Governments

  • National TVET system

  • Private TVETs             


Paula Kermfors
Senior Programme Manager
T +254 (0)734 746 824


The overall programme goal is to address the skills gap that hinders economic growth. By shrinking this gap through training, Generation equips young unemployed people with the expertise to enter and maintain employment, while simultaneously providing Kenyan employers with adequately skilled labor. This labor pool is a necessary condition for sustained economic growth of the country.

The aspiration of the program Generation is to up-skill youth for entry-level employment rests on three major objectives:

  • Equip youth with the technical skills, mindsets and behaviors to enter a fulfilling career.

  • Provide skilled labor for both the formal and informal sector in Kenya. 

  • Create a sustainable and replicable model for skills that can be applied globally, adjusting for local context to solve youth unemployment.

Geographic Location:

  • Bungoma

  • Embu

  • HomaBay

  • Kakamega

  • Kiambu

  • Kilifi

  • Kirinyaga

  • Kisii

  • Kisumu

  • Laikipia

  • Machakos

  • Meru

  • Migori

  • Mombasa

  • Nairobi

  • Nakuru

  • Nyeri

  • Tharaki Nithi

  • Trans-Nzoia

  • Uasin Gishu

Key Focus Areas

  • TVET Curriculum (CBET)

  • Capacity Building

  • Employment

  • Life/Employability Skills

  • Private Sector Engagement

  • Apprenticeship

  • Youth instructor Training (TOTs)

  • Youth Technical Skills Training

  • Entrepreneurship

  • TVET system capacity development


  • Financial services

  • Retail and restaurant

  • Distribution sales

  • Customer service

  • Apparel manufacturing

  • Construction (TBC)

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